Chinchilla Embroidery & Engraving Service

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How to Get the Best Price -

The best way to get the best price is to ask for one. This can be done by emailing us directly through the "Contact" page and requesting a quote - we will get back to you as soon as possible with a price if you supply us enough information. This includes type and style of garment / product required and what embroidery / artwork / graphic design services you require, including sizes of same. 

Why Don't You Have a Price List?

The services that are supplied by Chinchilla Embroidery & Engraving to our many and varied clients, are all custom made / decorated and are all so different that it makes it impossible to maintain a standard price list as such. We have found that by individually quoting on each job, that we are able to provide the best value for money products and services, at the best price around.

Are there any hidden costs when we get a quote?

Our quotes are very plain and straight forward. You will not find any hidden or extra costs associated with the quote. If you give us all of the right information to begin with, it will be easy to provide you with final pricing of your requirements. If applicable, freight charges apply, as they are charged to us - no extra.